Thursday, May 24, 2012

"The Curvy 10" with Jessica Dee from Too Many Sequins!

Today we are talking to the lovely Jess from, .With a lust for lace and tulle, she sure shows us how to work a Carry Bradshaw-esque style for curves on any budget from high end to low end! Visit her blog during Full Figure Fashion Week to see "Too Many Sequins takes on the New York"!

Name: Jessica Dee
Location: The Blue Mountains, Sydney, Australia.
Tweet me at: @tooMANYsequins
1) Why did you start blogging?: I started blogging, because I had felt that had all the creativity flowing inside of my soul and I really needed a way to express that. I adore writing and obviously fashion, so I thought I could try combining both. I also know that I have very much my own, quirky style - and I thought it would be great to showcase that just because your bigger doesn't mean that you can't dress like Carrie Bradshaw.
2) What fabulous experiences have you had (or are looking forward too!) because you started your blog?: Well obvioulsy being picked to be a Member of The Fashion Front, for Full Figured Fashion week is pretty amaze. I remember when i read the email it was about 8 in the morning and I just started to cry, I was insanely happy and proud that myself and my blog were regonized in such an important way! I also have a few another exciting things happening, but right now I am sworn to secrecy!
3) If you could have your dream job, anywhere in the world, what would it be?: Well it would obviously be in Paris, maybe London. But for what it would be doing.. I'm not so sure. There is SO MUCH that I want to do, its kind of hard to narrow it down. Maybe designing my own collection or working for Vogue... maybe both?
4) What is your number one fashion addiction? I probably should say shoes.. but I'm more a dress girl. I love a good dress. I have more dresses than I really care to count. But it's safe to say apart from sequins, dresses are by far my biggest fashion addiction.
5) If you could buy only three new additions for the upcoming season in your wardrobe, what would they be?: Only three? Hrmm... 1. Something metallic, its always nice to add some shimmer to an outfit. 2. Something with an amazing floral print, speficially oriental - it's going to be a huge trend, which I'm happy about as it's so pretty, and can be work in so many different ways. 3. A dress - it doesn't matter what its like, just as long as whenever you put it on, you think "wow", so make sure its one that you will love forever, not matter what the trends are.
6) Favourite blogger? (can be more than one): Thats like asking to pick a favourite bag! I love Nicolette Mason and Jay Miranda, I've always looked to them and aspire to be just as classy, wonderful, smart and everything they seem to be. They are the two main bloggers that showed me that its cool to be just the way you are, and be as fashionable as you can while doing so.
7) What new piece in your wardrobe are you most looking forward to styling at the moment?: I actually have two! My best friend Alex in Paris (she's my H&M contact) just sent me a lush dress form H&M which is sort of a grecian inspired number but in a gold metallic Lame' and it's to die, it's also from the straight size section, which proves to never limit yourself to the plus size section! She also sent me the most beautiul pair of Ballet Flats from Carlone Les Belles Pointures in Paris, which are the most amazing gold glitter, that I'm actually too scared to wear them as I want to keep them forever the way they are right now and not wreck them by walking all over town in them.
8) Your number one tip when it comes to dressing for curves?: Don't dress for your curves or for a certain shape.... Seriously, if I here one more girl say "oh but I'm an apple, I could never wear that" I will flip out and hit the person that came up with the whole body shape = this type of fruit reference system. Never limit what you want to wear because a bunch of people in an office building somewhere deicded to tell you that you can't wear an a-line skirt because your a pineapple! Also, look in everysection, the youth section, the plus size section, the inbetween section. I have everything from a size UK26 to an L from supre. The size tag is NEVER an indication of if something will fit or not. So, frist rule is, you have to like it, then worry about if it fits. Sometimes you wear things in a way they were not designed to be worn but that doesn't mean that its wrong, it means your taking fashion and making it your own. #endrant.
9) Where do you want to be in 10 years?: I want to still be blogging. I want to still be working in fashion, from my own collection to wirting for magazines. I want to move the body acceptance revolution forward. I want to work with charities in all different parts of the world. I want to some how combine all this. I would also dearly love to work in schools and get to kids at a young age and giving them that self love and conviction to know that they are perfect the way they were made, flaws and all.
Sequins or Glitter?: Hello, sequins and THEN glitter, You can never have enough of both.
Lace or Leather?: Both, especially together.
Floral or Tribal?: Floral, but Tribal is pretty hot too. During Fashion Week, I will actually be wearing some outfits by an amazing designer who uses African Tribal prints in her work. Its AMAZING. I didn't realise how much I say amazing. :/
Statement necklace or Statement earrings?: Necklace, with my hair style you can never see my earrings, so necklace everytime.
Summer heat or Winter Chills?: Neither, somewhere right in the middle. Where you can wear a blazer and not be too hot, but its warm enough to go without sleeves.
Thrifted or Designer?: I'm am most definitely a high-low dressers. I have everything from CHANEL to Big W in my closet.


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