Thursday, April 26, 2012


On the weekend i had the pleasure of attending a luncheon at the gob-smacking beautiful Brandy Creek winery. For those of you in Melbourne it is well worth the trek to Drouin East to visit this little winery. The food is mind blowing, i have ate all around the world and for those who love a tapa's meal this is the place to be!

Myself and my partner enjoyed a stroll around the winery , taking in the breath taking views and complete tranquility. Peace at its best.

Im still so happy with my $10 white blazer, i must have worked this beauty down to well below 1cent a wear, i wear it at least once a week!

What im wearing:
Blazer: Supre warehouse $10
Singlet: Thrifted stripe top $5
Jeans: City Chic high waisted skinny jeans $89.95
Heels: Betts $19.95 on sale
Necklace: DIY from a few old necklaces

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  1. You look absolutely gorgeous! :) Your outfit is superb and gosh, what pretty scenery!


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