Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Thrifted Haul.

Op shopping, or thrifting as you may know it , for me is one of the most therapeutic activities i can do. I love the idea of walking into a shop and not knowing exactly what i will find. Yes, i love shopping in stores and online but sometimes, you just know exactly what you are going to find.

Yesterday i headed off on my own little road trip, i do have a part time vintage clothing store but this time i promised myself i would focus on pieces for me. Which i did! I was so pleased with what i found and all in sizes 16! It still astounds me the quality of so many of the vintage pieces i come across, they always surpass expectation, particularly the knitwear! I mean who doesn't love a mohair or angora wool cardigan over a scratchy acrylic?

And yes, i was meant to include an outfit post but to be honest after all that trying on and thrifting i was not really looking the same state as when i left the house. But i promise some great posts coming soon including my fabulous new 17 Sundays pieces and of course, ALL THIS FABULOUS VINTAGE!

Left to Right

: 1) Hand knitted dusty pink cardigan but in a more cut style $5.50

2) Pale beige/mint collared lace shirt $3
3) Pale gold lurex cardigan with pearl buttons $4
4) Crazy gold lamé style fabric oversized cape jacket $5
5) Hawaii/Tropical floral print mid length pleated skirt in turquoise, lime and purple $3
6) Long sleeve floral shirt with pearl gold buttons $4
7) Chiffon A-line black dress with lace trim neckline $6
8) Mustard, red, batik print skater style dress with slouchy hip pockets $5
9) Cream and peach dip died/graduating coloured oversized cardigan $8
10) Hot pink and light blue colourful sequined trophy jacket $7


  1. Freaking hell, amazing op shop haul. I am yet to find my op shop heaven in Sydney... I don't drive which makes it harder to get to the good ones, and there are no Savers up here which KILLS me. Love the floral shirt sooo much, super jealous xxx

    1. I've got to admit even i was suprised at what i found, i dont know if when i was only op-shopping for the store i perhaps missed the vintage for me? But everytime i turned around seemed to be an amazing piece in a 16! Yes i am pretty lucky to have two savers within 30 minutes from me, both have more gems than Brunswick i think too! xxx

  2. where do you go cause i live in sydney but like fashion Hayley, i can't drive! where else can i go?

    1. I actually live in Melbourne :-( i had to drive alot between these as i rarely go to op shops in the CBD, the best thing you can probally do is nag a friend to be your driver or go on an op shopping tour xx

  3. Wonderful finds, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Drooling all over them.
    No second hand shops in Spain. I have to go aborad to buy, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    Happy easter weekend.

  4. Oh wow! So amazing! Congrats on an epic haul!

  5. omg so jealous. op shopping here is either way too picked over or well overpriced.

    1. I was very lucky! Super lucky to find the items in size 16 also xx


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