Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Denim Jacket.

So i received a gorgeous little package from Claire at 17 Sundays ( Now if you live in Australia, have curves and haven't heard of 17 Sundays than this is clearly your lucky day (and get out from under that fashion rock!) , they are an amazing plus boutique specialising in denim and other fabulous plus size pieces. Not only do i recommend you check out 17 Sundays for their incredible clothes but also check out their "About" page, which gives you a run down on a brand that is not only fashion forward but about self-esteem building, confidence and all those other great traits, that sometimes alongside curves, can go a little walk abouts.

Now back to the jacket. I dont just like this jacket , i adore it. The denim is absolute perfection with enough stretch that i could do weights (but as if i would), but light enough that i feel i could wear for pretty much any weather. The cut is just superb, it cuts in and defines the waist but has that little kick out at the hem, and the sleeve length is perfect. Don't know about you but i find that so many plus size clothes are made for girls with arms longer than their legs!

I instantly thought of my red skinny jeans with this jacket, though wanted to give it a more polished look so styled with some pump heels and a slick bun. I have many plans for this jacket so will be seeing it again very soon!

17 Sundays have also been kind enough to offer FREE SHIPPING for any of you ladies who wish to invest in this amaze jacket so head over to! Just ENTER AR0017 AT THE CHECKOUT!

What im wearing:
Top: Thrifted $2
Jacket: (Free shipping when you mention you purchased it through here!)
Jeans: Suzanne Grae $49.95
Earrings: Cross earrings via Ebay


  1. Replies
    1. YOUR A FRIGGEN BABE hehe hope you had a fab Easter x

  2. I think Phebe might have said it the best above "Such a friggen babe". You look amazing and those jeans really set off that jacket! It looks SO great!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous jacket

  4. That jacket is so cool. But I love those jeans, they look amazing on you x

  5. love this jacket! <3 and this red lipstick really fits You :)

  6. I'm pretty sure I just found one of my new favorite bloggers.

  7. I love, love, love your red jeans!

    Great blog - I'm a new reader!

  8. hey im going to order one of these jackets and was wondering what size u got?..i looks like a great fit on you ;-)

    1. Hi love, mine is a 16 and it fits perfectly! x

  9. I would love to own that jacket! I have been looking for the perfect denim jacket and this one is just that! You look amazing! kiah

  10. Wuaw! those pants are beautiful! Me crazy! A kiss from Argentina


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