Monday, March 26, 2012

My month of Instagram.

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1. Taking my Zara scarf out on its first outing 2. Arm party 3. Im subscribed to 3 Vogue 4. Heading to Albury for Chrysler on the Murray 5. Early morning Melbourne 6. Photographing page at Loreal Melbourne Fashion Festival 7. Myself and my ebay model Paige at LMFF 8. Obsessed with my ASOS spike necklace.


  1. omg I have such insta-envy. Blackberry is so much more conducive for work, but I just think I need to make the switch for instagram alone. DYING OVER YOUR SHOTS!

  2. I want to steal all your jewellery, it's amazing!

  3. Thanks for sharing that ASOS spike necklace, I am now obsessed with it as well!


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