Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Peter Pan collar.

And it starts.
Well hello there my lovely ladies. I finally was gifted (Thanks to the man) a
beautiful tripod in which to photograph my outfits, i must say i am still learning
as i cant focus the camera myself (unlike in the Studded Rose blog) so the photos
may not be as beautiful (Clearly i am no Paige) but this is purely a fashion
inspiration/style diary of which i hope to inspire you all with.
Thanks for stopping by and "Lets the posts begin"!

The Details:
Dress: Peter Pan dress
Bag: Gifted via Romwe
Other Bits and Bobs: Skull ring via Ebay and OPI polish.


  1. I LOVED this dress when it appeared in store, it just didn't seem to sit right on me. You look perfect in it and guh, I love how you styled it! The pops of red are fab!

  2. :-O that bag! I'm in love

  3. Hi!
    I am liking your blog every day a little more.

    Actually, I am starting my own and I am having some troubles with the photo taken department...

    So a tripod uh... How i didn't think of that before...


    So, what kind do you have?

  4. You and your blog are so beautiful, miss Ashley! Loving the red accents here, especially that bag, omg! I'm actually in the market for a tripod too if you don't mind sharing. Keep up the lovely work gurl, I'll be back! :)



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