Monday, September 12, 2011

The First.

An Amazing summer day out with the bestie.

Find this amazing vintage store jam packed

with goodies!

The Details:
Skirt: Thrifted
Top: Supre racer back banded singlet
Cardigan: Target
Other Bits and Bobs: Belt Glassons and necklace from Diva


  1. Oh I miss day trips like this! I want to go back to NZ!! (I know you're in Australia but I know I could have a day like this in NZ).

    Plus rolled ice cream is awesome!

  2. I'm craving ice cream lol

  3. Hey, I really love your blog, you should keep at it! I was wondering, are you based in Melbourne or Sydney by any chance? I would like to collaborate on something with you for the City Chic blog. email me at: lippierced1 at hotmail dot com xxx


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